October 07, 2014

Web Hosting Fees

With so many reseller hosting companies online it may be confusing to determine which company is right for you. Thousands of web hosting companies offer numerous packages at different prices. All of these packages have different features and prices to meet the needs of anyone launching a website to meet their budget.

You should be careful of web hosting companies that require you to pay your service fees and membership costs up front. Most web hosting companies will require that you pay a monthly fee for their service. If the web hosting company requests that you pay all of your yearly fees at once when the service is registered, you may want to reconsider.

October 06, 2014

Top 10 tips on How to Boost Your Profit from Blogging

The secret of earning profit from a blog is to ensure that you have a good design, great articles and attract a large number of visitors. If these key components are kept in place, then you can simply earn profits from your blog. Here are Top 10 tips on how to boost your profit from blogging, which would ensure that you earn a handsome profit from your blogs.

Select Advertisements with care: The first important tip is to ensure that you select your advertisements with extra care. There are many websites like info links and AdSense that help you to get ads for your blog. However it is important to ensure that you select the right advertisement for your blog. Generally, these advertisements can be categorized as pay per click, space price and commission based advertisements. Needless to say, pay per clicks ensures that you earn greater profits than other forms of advertisements. However, it is important to choose the blogs where people would opt for Pay per click ads. Interactive blogs that attract youngsters, gadget related blogs and educational or promotional blogs would benefit by opting for pay per clicks.

October 05, 2014

Guide for Installing Prestashop on Webhosting

Prestashop is web instant software which is used for building online shop freely. This kind of CMS has specifications including webserver Linux or windows, PHP 5.0 version or above, apache 1.3 version or IIS6 and above.

Here is the guideline about how to install Prestashop on your webhosting. However, do not forget that firstly, you need to download the file of the Prestashop software. Make sure that you download the file through the official website.

October 04, 2014

Graphic and Web Design Tips

Web design involves conceptualization, planning and content delivery execution over the web. Web design aims at creating sites that present their content in a form that can be easily read by human beings. Design of web pages is done using markup languages which support readability in different browsers. A good website will consist of contents and graphics, web page layout and plugins. Here are some graphic and web design tips for designers.

Users always expect web pages to appear within a definite period whenever they open them. They expect all page components to appear almost at the same time. Therefore, the designer needs to ensure that web pages download quickly. A web page cluttered with a lot of graphics is heavier and has an increased loading time. Ensure human-readable web page content. As a designer, make sure that your pages fit into 640x480 pixels. Any background color should not interrupt the textual colors. Your text should have a more suitable size. Yellow, blue or red color and blue color combinations is not appropriate for a website. Red, white and yellow or white and blue are some of the accepted color schemes. A template, if carefully used, could be a better option for the design of a website.

October 03, 2014

Simple eCommerce User Enhancement Tips

Building a website that will attract its intended audience and keep their attention often proves to be a massive challenge for businesses of all sizes. Not only is it essential to build a site that is functional and practical, but an eCommerce destination also needs to take factors like design, intuition, and ease of use into consideration. If your commercial site is struggling to attract traffic, or you intend to launch a brand new digital store, use the following simple tips to enhance the experience of web users.

Focus on Simplicity

When a shopper visits an eCommerce store, his main goal is to see what is available and purchase items that he likes. The premise is incredibly simple, but many web developers end up creating commercial sites that are hard to navigate, cluttered with products, and poorly designed. If a site is not simple enough to figure out within a few seconds, would-be shoppers will turn elsewhere for their purchases.

October 02, 2014

Important Rules to Make Website Performs Well

You should pay attention to make sure your website performs well to serve its purpose. There are several important thing to make sure your sites performs optimally.

Provide valueable content and relevant link. Excessive banner advertisement do not be used into your website because visitors trained themselves to ignore banner advertisiments. By using excessive banner, you will be wasting valuable website real estate. You may provide valueable content and relevant links.

Provide Navigation to give information about which part of the site. You do not want your visitor become confuse in browsing your site. You have to provide navigation to any section of the site easily to make your visitors know which part of the site.

September 30, 2014

How To Make The visitors Keep Visiting Our Site

Every webmasters hope their website have many visitors. If your website have returning visitors ,your website will have a major part of your traffic.

In this article, i will explain about the method of how to make the visitors coming back and keep visiting our site.

There are several methods, they are

Keep an online journal.

You have to uptade with latest news about you to build up your credibility. Visitors will know about you-a real life person behind the website and they will keep their eyes glued to the monitor